Lupt Day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now

Lupt Day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now: A supernatural horror genre movie ‘Lupt’ was released this year. This interesting movie hit the big screens on 2nd November 2018. Being made in the directions of Prabhuraj, this movie is produced collectively by Hanwant Khatri and Lalit Kuri. Prabhuraj, slong with directing this movie has also wrote up the story of this supernatural horror movie. Siddharth Prashar and Vicky-Hardik has provided their music in this movie.

Lupt  Day Wise Box Office Collection

Javed Jaffrey, Vijay Raaz, Niki Aneja Walia, and Karan Anand played the lead roles in this movie. All of us are aware of the Javed Jaffrey. Being a talented dancer, he is also a comedian and at the same time a motivational speaker, He has worked in a number of movies and also in some horror movie. While all the other actor and actresses would be quite new faces for the audience. On an opening day, the box office collection of this movie was Rs 0.23 Cr. And there is an increase in the collection for the coming days.

Day India’s Net Collection (In Cr)
Day 1 0.23
Day 2 0.40
Day 3 0.48
Day 4 0.15
Day 5 0.10
Day 6 0.10
Day 7 0.10
Day 8 0.03
First Weekend 1.11
Second Weekend 1.59

Lupt First Weekend Box Office Collection

The movie is based on the story of a businessman and his family. Harsh was the character name of this business who is famous for this ruthless nature. How he and his family die one after other is showed in this movie. Bollywood is less focused in term of the horror movie and now in the year 2018, we had seen a lot of big stars doing horror movies. So, it’s quite a good time for the release of movies like Lupt.

Lupt  Worldwide Collection

Lupt is made with an initial cost of Rs 10 Cr and the overall collection of the movie could not even cover the basic production and the distribution cost. After Tumbadd, Bollywood has set high expectations from the horror movies and this movie could not stand over that. Overall, the movie was a big Flop.

States BOC in Cr (Gross) (Weekend)
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
United States of America
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
South East Asia
Total Worldwide Income 1.59 Cr

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