Kutte Ki Dum Day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now

Kutte Ki Dum Day wise Collection Box Office Report Worldwide Business Till Now: Sunil Patel directed movie ‘Kutte Ki Dum’ movie hit the big screen this day. This comedy-drama movie collected a lot of negative reviews and it is said, if you want to get the best example of ‘not to watch the movie’ then you can definitely go for this movie. Sonika Patel produced this movie. Sunil Patel also provided his music in this movie. Tanya Dang, Lalit Singh Rao, Jass Bopariya, Jasbir Randhawa played the lead character in this movie.

Kutte Ki Dum Hota Day Wise Box Office Collection

Kutte Ki Dum is a low budget movie. About the story of this movie, it can be said that the audience would never come to know what happened in the movie and for what they have spent their money and time. This movie is about four guys who are good for nothing and got trapped in a situation in which no one ever wants to be. And they got out of this condition is being shown in this movie. The first-weekend collection of the movie was Rs 0.003 Cr.

Day India’s Net Collection (In Cr)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
First Weekend 0.003
Second Weekend

Kutte Ki Dum First Weekend Box Office Collection

Previously people generally do not opt to watch the low budget movies. This is a general statement. But with the passage of time, low budget movies started came up with good stories and many of present-day big Bollywood stars came up in recognition from these low budget movies. One among this is Raj Kumar Rao. Kutte ki dum is again a low budget movie and audience thought to find something good in this. But alas! this movie failed badly at the box office. And the first-weekend box office collection of the movie was Rs 0.003 Cr.

Kutte Ki Dum Worldwide Collection

Kutte ki dum got an overall rating of 1 out of 5 and with this movie is a disaster. People who watch this movie were sad about the waste of their time and money. And people who did not watch this movie were happy about their decision. This 143 minutes long comedy movie failed even to get a smile on audience face. The movie ended up with a total collection of Rs 0.003 Cr.

States BOC in Cr (Gross) (Weekend)
Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
United States of America
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
South East Asia
Total Worldwide Income 0.003 Cr

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